Communications to members or clients is considered by many outside observers as marketing. Though in a broad sense, it is, it is also much more. It is mass communication to a large swath of fans of your organization with a customized, specific message to each individual. Properly executed, a communications message is a prescriptive formula designed to interact with those who appreciate you most with the opportunity to increase their love by providing that which they most desire from you.

Prescriptive Pieces

A message has an ebb and flow. You can certainly organize a message in any fashion you choose…

Communicators have become lazy and cheap. When a new message is upon them, or when the last message did not attain the desired reach, the modern communicator can, unfortunately, be heard mumbling under their breath “we’ll just put it up on Facebook.” There is so much more to really communicating with your clients or members than just posting another post on social media.

The Pitfall

As electronic communications became reliable a few decades back, the market quickly realized they had found the holy grail. This new medium was, after all, free of charge, requiring only the time to craft a…

We all get too much. Too many emails. Too much junk mail. Too many texts. Too much spam on our favorite social media feed. And, too many ads everywhere we look. In fact, the noise is at such a peak that advertisements, marketing, and propaganda are often confused with the communication messaging we really want to hear, see, and read. …

Communication is not just about providing a message; it is about having the message heard and understood. Ideally, communication goes a step beyond. For our message to really make a difference, to be ‘successful’ communication, we need the receiver to interact and take action. Sometimes our communications are purely informational, but that is rare indeed; usually we are attempting to invoke an active response: renew your membership, sign up for our newsletter, buy this widget, register for our conference, or call your legislator. Thus, anything short of interaction is a fail. But, how do we break through?

People are People

Christian D. Malesic

Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, CMP, IOM provides insight on nonprofit management, executive decision-making, business operations, personal finance, & marketing

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